basket&wanigan Pack basket:Medium pack basket with handle Medium pack basket with cover Large pack basket with handle Large pack basket with cover Picnic basket Traditional wanigan with tumpline Formica top Bucketbag Liner bag

Authentic Handcraft Natural Traditional Classic Folk Canvas Wool Hemp Leather Rivet Roller buckle Birch Brown ash White ash White pine Iron Enamel Tin Copper Silver Brass

camp&gear Outfitter’s bedroll Trekker shelter tarp Lantern: Classic tin lantern  Classic tin lantern-all round Trekker lantern Iron stake Iron stake bag Hemp rope Wood dog bone Travel sheet Canvas camp bucket All weather blanket Paracord

Northwoods Voyageur Paul Bunyan Grand Portage Toque Waist sash Knee sash Canvas anorak Wool blanket shirt Moosehide chopper Necessity pouch Moccasins Canoe Paddle Snowshoe Toboggan Beaver Moose Wolf Elk Black bear Birch Maple Wildrice Blueberry Hudson Bay Company North West Company Garrett & Alexandra Conover Jim Brandenburg Sigurd F.Olson Hidehiro Otake

Made in USA Made in America Made in The USA 100% Made in The USA Born Raised in the USA Made in Maine Made by Hand in Maine Made in Canada

cooking equipment Northwoods fire set-regular Northwoods fire set-heavy Cooking chain Classic iron grill Iron fire poker Holding knife & fork Bushcooker: Lt-1 Lt-2 Lt-3 Lt-mini Kitchen kaddy Enamel mug cup Skillet camp oven Anarcho

bushcraft Classic folding bucksaw Bob quick buck saw Canvas saw case Saw extra blade Axe sheath-full coverage Wildlife axe sheath Hudson bay tobacco box Hudson bay tobacco box fire kit 1790 English tobacco box 1700 Tinder box Striker & flint: Double hand forged Single hand forged Magnesium fire kit Flax in bags Snuff box Pill box Haversack kit

BUSH CRAFT Outdoor Skills and Wilderness Survival Mors Kochanski Firecraft Axecraft Knifecraft Sawcraft Bindcraft Sheltercraft The Birches The Conifers The Willows The Shirubs The Moose The Varying Hare

clothing Socks: Outdoor Work Boot and field Wool blanket shirt Toque & sash Glove: Heatsaver deerskin Premium elkskin Moose hide Heatsaver Suede Union suit

Snow Walker’s Companion Winter Camping Skills for the North Garrett & Alexandra Conover Snowshoes & Footwear Hand-hauling Toboggans Tents & Trail Stoves Clothing for the Elements Tools for the Trail Provisioning:Food & Menus Traveling Safely on Ice Finding Your Way:Navigation Caring for Mind & Body Snowmobiles & Komatiks

SONG of the PADDLE An Illustrated Guide to Wilderness Camping Bill Mason Playing the Song Campsites Tents Camp Fires,Fireplaces and Stoves Cooking in the Wild Boots to Bags Favorite Canoe Journeys On the Move Staying Alive and Well Canoes for Wilderness Tripping Paddling and Portaging Skills

cabin accessory The howdaseat Colonial iron kettle Shearling liner Incense: Natural cornes  Balsam fir  Wildcrafted sticks Cabin incense holder Wool blanket: Classic striped Rescue US army

Moose River Handcrafts Alder Stream Canvas Four Dog Stoves Pole and Paddle Canoe Duluth Pack Howda Designz Fox River Mills Paine Red Steger Lodge GSI outdoors  Coghlan’s Mountain Research

duluth pack Pack: #2/#3 Original duluth pack Northwoods pack #4 Timber cruiser pack  Cruiser combo #51 Utility pack Scout pack Child‘s pack Front portage pack & attachement kit Bag: #50 Shell bag #100 Standard shell bag #100 Deluxe shell bag #200 Standard shell bag #200 Deluxe shell bag Market tote Sportsman’s tote Canoe thwart bag model 2 Camp & cabin Log carrier Folding saw case,saw and blade Sleeping bedroll/campers roll Utensil roll Camp chair

Filson Wool Rich Pendleton L.L.Bean Willis & Geiger Stormy Kromer Orvis Bemidji Russell Moccasin Schnee’s Steger Mukluks & Moccasins Arrow Moccasin Danner